Multiple live houses
in Kabuki-cho are the venues!
Japanese Underground music festival!

CONNECT Kabukicho is a urban music festival in the city of Kabukicho
You can enjoy edge-underground rock, Japanese pop music at various venues.
Experience a real Japanese rock scene that can not be heard easily abroad.
Why do not you experience it?

Access all venues with your wristband.

The wristband is a key to access all venues.
Purchase a ticket and exchange it to wristband at CINECITY-HIROBA.
You can hoop every venue and enjoy live performance all day!

Musicians, bands from Upper Ground to Undergrounds

From domestic famous artists and bands will be line up.
CONNECT In Kabuki-cho, you can experience the sound you have never heard before.

We have3 methods

Buy with
Japanese net

Buy Ticket Online

Please purchase the ticket after the procedure at the following play guide.
Please refer to the guide in each play guide for the purchase method.
Questions related to various procedures can not be answered at this festival.
Check below but Japanese only.No English.
You can purchase the ticket by credit card etc and need to put down personal info.
The ticket start to sale from January 23rd.
Each site has their own policies.
Any questions Any problems are not our responsibility. Please ask them directly.

* PC · Mobile common
* Reserved: Member registration required (free)

Buy at the
cash register
(Face-to-face sales)

About over-the-counter

Tower Record Shinjuku and Ikebukuro
If you go to these shops directly, You can purchase the ticket.
Credit card accepted.

Book a direct
advance ticket

Reserve by email

If you can do neither the above,
send us your message.
Putting down your name and how many tickets you need.

Send mail

You must email us by April 16th. You can purchase ADVANCE ticket. (6000yen
The DOOR ticket is 7000 yen
Please come over to info desk where will be appear at CINECITY-HIROBA on 18th.
Info desk will open from 12:00 pm.
The payment is done at info desk. Cash payment only.


Before you purchase the ticket in any method,
you must read and understand our policy and condition.
The act you purchase the ticket is automatically regarded as consent.
Please be careful.

on purchasing tickets

If you purchase or book the ticket, We regard you as the one you consent to our
agreement Automatically. Please read our agreement so carefully and understand so deeply.

This ticket is valid for only April 18th, 2020

The ticket sales are finished immediately if sold
out before April 18th.

No cancellation is made no matter what the reason is after you purchase or book. Please be careful of that.

You exchange the ticket for the wristband at the reception center.
Without the exchange, you are not allowed to get in.

We don't reissue the wristband no matter what the reason is.
In case you lose the wristband, either you get out of the festival or you repurchase the ticket.
Please be careful of that.

The ticket is not reissued, either.

We are not responsible for any troubles and problems on the specified websites.
Please ask them about the procedures etc. directly.

An act of the resales etc. is prohibited We are not responsible for any troubles and problems on
the resales.Please be careful of that.

Entry regulation might be happened in some venues because of the security purpose.
In case it occurs, we don't give you a refund.Please be understood.